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FAQ about Crystal Pyramid

An orgonite pyramid is a compact, three-dimensional shaped pyramid that crafted from organic and inorganic materials. It is actually as modern interpretation of Reich's orgone accumulator

The important part of orgonite pyramids is metal shaving include copper and aluminum.  It also has crystal gemstones and safe resin. All of these elements are arranged and layered in the pyramid construction. Then pouring resin over metal shaving and crystal to create a solid structure.

In different area and culture, crystal pyramid has different meanings and association.

Energy amplification: Pyramid shape is known for its ability to amplify and focus energy. So it can enhance the crystal energy and create a powerful energy field.

A sacred shape: The pyramid is a fundamental geometric shape in sacred geometry, symbolizing stability, balance, and divine proportions. It is believed that using pyramid crystal can make your energy balance with the universal.

Spiritual bridge:The crystal collector regard the crystal pyramid as a spiritual ascent or enlightenment.  And the point of it is seen as a bridge between spiritual and grounding.  Through pyramid shaped crystal.  one can enter into a higher level of wisdom.

Protection: The pyramid shape is also a shape of protection. It plays a role of shielding against negative energy and healing your inner wound.

Crystal pyramids can be placed in various locations depending on your intention. Here are a few common suggestions:

Meditation room: Put a crystal pyramid in your meditation room to enhance focus, deepen spiritual connection, and amplify the energy during meditation practices.

Altar or Sacred Space: Putting a crystal pyramid on an altar or sacred space can imbue the environment with its energy, creating a harmonious and sacred atmosphere for rituals, ceremonies, or personal reflection.

Office or Workspace: Bring a crystal pyramid to your workspace to enhance concentration, clarity, and creativity. It can help create a more positive and harmonious environment and improve your work efficiency.

Bedroom: Placing a crystal pyramid near your bed can enhance relax and restful sleep.