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FAQ about Crystal Necklaces

Have a look at our carefully selected crystal necklaces and pendants at Nacrystal is specialized in different types of crystal necklaces and pendants. All our crystal necklaces are special designed for crystal lovers. So you can wholesale and highlight your fashion style with dazzling crystals necklaces. Besides, our crystal necklaces combines jewelry and gemstones into one to realize unique style. So crystal necklace is a must-have for your jewelry collections to show off your unique personality. Why not add grace and glamour with our perfect designed crystal necklaces and pendants. On nacrystal, you can always find one piece that fit for your style, your mood and your personality. With the prosperous of all types of crystals and gemstones, crystal jewellery are not only a fashion accessory. On the contrary, they have more healing purpose and intentions. Wearing crystal necklace can effortlessly create chic style as well as get healing benefits. Thanks to the healing proprieties of various crystals and gemstones, you can always connect to your inner self with the help of crystals. The classic and unique look of crystal necklaces and pendants is sure to win your heart. If you prefer simple style to luxury jewelry, these fine crystal necklaces are special prepared for you. Now, elevate your style with our must-have crystal necklaces.
Yes, we believe every piece of crystal has its corresponding healing power and it is good to wear your crystal necklace daily. Wearing a crystal necklace  can date back to ancient times from where people wear crystal necklaces for enjoy its vibrations. And you can find the record of using crystal necklaces throughout various cultures, religions, and traditions. Here I listed some of the benefits of wearing a healing crystal necklace. Promote physical health: The healing crystals are believed to balance the personal energy field, relieve pain and boost the immune system. Since the crystal necklace lies on the nearest place to the heart chakra, it can greatly improve your energy points. Therefore, wearing a crystal necklace can promote your physical health. Protect your mind: Healing crystal necklaces can effectively shield the wearer from negative influence, such as low-vibration thoughts or patterns, and protect precious energy from waste.  Connect your inner-self: Wearing crystal necklace help you establish connection with your intuition that allows you to seek higher consciousness and promote inner peace and calmness. It is also an effective tool to enhance you to make break out when you are stuck. But It is important to note that no scientific evidence supports these benefits. Weaning a crystal necklace is based on your personal preference and experience.
A crystal necklace can be used for various purposes. Many people use it for personal ornament, and some people use it for personal healing. The role of crystal necklaces is far beyond your imagination. Here I listed some for reference.  Healing: Different crystals have different healing properties. You can make full use of the healing crystal necklaces and get a good effect. Some healing properties are as follows. The purple amethyst necklace is related to serenity, understanding, trust, and grace. In comparison, pink quartz is believed to be universal love. No matter what kind of crystal necklace you choose from, these healing crystal necklaces are believed to promote healing and balance energy. Meditation: Many people wear crystal necklaces during meditation to enhance their practice. The healing crystals are thought to help calm the mind, increase your concentration and uplift your spiritual growth. Yoga Practise: Wearing a necklace while doing yoga is an effective way to enhance your yoga workout. Since crystals connect to self-growth and inner peace. Doing yoga with crystals can foster a deeper spiritual connection to both oneself and the surroundings. So you can enjoy your yoga with relaxation and peace.  Fashion: Crystal necklaces can also be worn as fashion accessories. They come in various styles and designs and can add a touch of elegance and glamour to any outfit.
Yes, crystal necklaces are currently in fashion and have been for some time. Many people opt for crystal necklaces for personal ornament, which can add grace to their personal outfit and good physical health. Since crystal necklaces come in various styles and designs, one can always find their favorite one from necklace pendants to crystal chains. You can wear a rose quartz necklace for your maxi dress and a black tourmaline necklace for your casual outfit. Crystal necklaces always have much appeal to fashion seekers. If you are not interested in a striking look or odd style, crystal necklaces will always be your first choice. They remain in fashion and will never go out of style for years.
When choosing a healing crystal necklace, one should take the following three factors into consideration. Purpose: First of all, ask yourself what purpose you want to achieve. Face the question bravely and consider which crystal can light your inner fire. Then turn to help the specific crystals. For instance, amethyst crystal is known for relieving stress and anxiety, while the rose quartz necklace is believed to promote everything about love. By selecting the corresponding crystal that meets your purpose and intent, you can take the healing properties and make full use of its benefits. Choose an ideal shape: Healing crystals always come in various shapes like tumble stones, crystal towers, and crystal spheres. So choosing the right shapes of crystal that align with your intent is your next step. For example, if you’re seeking focus and clarity, a crystal point is an ideal choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for grounding, a tumble stone will never disappoint you. You can use the healing properties of crystal energy with the specific crystal to support your well-being. Pick the correct crystal size: When selecting a crystal necklace, it’s never wrong to take the crystal size into consideration. Although the healing properties of crystals are never determined by their size. If a crystal necklace is too large, it may look very strange. But if a crystal necklace is too small, it will be unnoticeable and not have the effect of ornament. So it’s also important to pick an appropriate size that matches you.
Yes, you can definitely wear a crystal necklace all the time as a form of spiritual protection. But some prefer to change necklaces to work with different crystals. If you find one crystal necklace that may disturb your sleep pattern, stop wearing it. Just place it around to help you maintain your connection with its healing energy.  But remember to cleanse and charge your crystal necklace after long-time use. It can remove the negative energy it absorbs and keep the crystal effective.