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Agate meaning: A stone of luck that symbolizes harmony and rebalance.
Agate is a beautiful healing and grounding stone that has rich shapes and styles. Since numerous jewelers and women love agate crystals, it has a great market to start your agate wholesale business. If you are looking for an agate wholesale supplier, nacrystal is your best choice. Nacrystal is a professional wholesale crystals and stones supplier mainly focused on agate wholesale. You can buy agate in bulk, from blue lace agate to flower agate.Our agate stones and crystals cover a wide type of agate. You can bulk buy different colors of agate like red agate, green agate, black agate, pink agate, purple agate, white agate, and grey agate.We can also offer different agate collections like moss agate, agate stones, tree agate, crazy lace agate, dendritic agate, banded agate, and agate slices.