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Advantages of Bulk  Crystals  Wholesale

On Nacrystal

bulk crystals wholesale

For Crystals Wholesale Distributors

Looking for a reliable wholesale crystals supplier to improve your crystals and gemstones business? Here comes Nacrystal. Nacrystal provides bulk-buy crystals in different colors and styles. 

For Crystal Store

Wanna get trendy crystals and minerals to win the competition on the market? Don’t know where to buy crystals in bulk? Hope to give your customer the best offer to buy crystals online? For crystal stores, buying crystal in bulk can save money as well as give you the ability to offer a variety of crystals to your customers. You will get all you want from online wholesale crystals supplier on Nacrystal.com.

bulk crystals wholesale

For Individual Customer

Like the beautiful crystal product, but the price is so high? Hope to wholesale crystals at one step? Nacrystal welcomes all clients. Whether your bulk crystals wholesale or only in one piece, you will get the best crystal products at a low price. 

For more information about wholesale crystals at Nacrystal, please join us. You’ll get a 5% off coupon on your first order!

FAQ About Wholesale Crystals at Nacrystal.com

Nacrystal provides different offers to meet the different requirements of our clients. For individual customers, you can place the order directly at our store and we will prepare your order and ship it out ASAP.

For crystals wholesale distributors, please email your requirements to [email protected], we can give you the biggest discount and best offer.

Honest speaking, we don’t directly buy from miners. But, based on the biggest crystal market base in Donghai of China, our products are produced by more than ten years of factories which is professional and trustworthy. Therefore, the products you get are reliable and the price we offer is competitive.

Yes, Nacrstal offers samples of our products to our clients. Please contact our customer service and do a regist. Please notice that the sample and sample shipping costs are covered by the customer. When you wholesale crystals, we will refund you the cost of samples, but the shipping cost is non-refundable.

Of course, selling crystals online is a promising field, and the market for healing crystals has never been bigger! Thanks to the convenience of online shopping, more and more people turn to buy crystals online especially for crystal stores that wholesale crystals online. Before one starts the crystal business, it’s very important to do deep research on the crystal market, and have a solid business plan to increase your chance of success.

We do not stipulate the recommended retail price of the product. The specific selling price of the product is decided by you. It has something to do with your brand, reputation and experience. Our wholesale prices are reasonable, giving distributors enough pricing space, and you can adjust prices in time according to your sales.

We are very proud to announce that all of our crystals are ethically sourced. As a veteran crystal supplier, we know that crystal mining can be damaging to the environment and surrounding communities. If we find any violation of ethical standards by Crystal Development, we will suspend cooperation with them and re-search for ethically sourced crystals suppliers.
As a company, we are committed to putting customers and employees first, providing a comfortable and safe working environment for all employees, and respecting the rights and interests of all employees.

There are numerous crystals in the world and under the earth. Faced with so many dazzle crystals, the first thing is to figure out the popular types of crystals and their meanings. That will do a lot help to your crystal business. Here I list some of the most popular varieties of crystals and their meanings.

Wholesale amethyst: Spiritual Ability

Amethyst crystal is known for its ability of spiritual and it can sweep away negative energy and keep the wearer calm and clear. That’s makes amethyst crystal one of the most poplar crystal type in mediation and yoga practise. Moreover, this purple crystal also can keep your mind in sober and it do to help for decision making.

Wholesale Rose Quartz: Love

Rose quartz is a crystal of unconditional love. It you want to attract love and to be loved, the rose quartz is the right crystal for you. It’s not direct bring romantic love into your life, but it do spread positive energy and vibration to your surrounding.That’s  good to deal with love relationship.

Wholesale clear quartz: Clean and Amplify

The clear quartz is the crystal with great amplify and restorative energy. Clear quartz is often used to cleanse and purify energy. It can absorb negative energy and release positive energy, creating a balanced and harmonious environment. And it is also known for its ability to amplify intentions and the energy of other crystals.