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Worry Stones Bulk

Worry stone, also known as thumb stone, is a gemstone rock that is polished like an oval with a thumb-shaped shape. So worry stone can fit perfectly on the fingers and thumbs. The healing properties of worry stone can date back to ancient Greece.  In some places, worry stones were regarded as talismans to ward off bad luck or evil spirits. In other cultures, people believe worry stone is a source of protection or comfort during difficult times. Using a worry stone to massage your thumb back and forth can provide a calming feeling that helps reduce stress and anxiety. The touch of smooth stone cab create a comfortable experience that can help to reduce tension in the body. Some people find that holding the worry stone in their hands while they are worrying can help them hold positive thoughts, so this is a good worry stone for anxiety.
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  1. Worry Stone Necklace
A worry stone necklace is the most powerful energy tools for your, and it allows you to have a close contact with this amazing stone. So wearing worry stone necklace can keep you away negative energy and  help you stay in health.
  1. Amethyst Worry Stone
Amethyst worry stone is a stone of sobriety, and carry the amethyst worry stone with you can improve your concentration, and enhance your memory and their mental ability. When the amethyst crystal smooth your worry, you will achieve inner peace.
  1. Chakra Worry Stone
Chakra worry stone blends all powerful healing stones in the world can guide the radiant energy into your full body and keep yourself in harmony. Holding chakra worry stone in your hand and lead yourself into a great height.
  1. Rose Quartz Worry Stone
Rose quartz worry stone represents the love for universal. This stone can help you restore harmony in your relationship and enhance your love for your beloved one. As you keep this worry stone around you, the energy of the Rose Quartz crystal will infuse your body, so you will feel safe and loved.
  1. Tigers Eye Worry Stone
The tiger eye crystal is believed to be connected to the sun, and its warm, golden hues evoke a feeling of security and protection. So the tiger eye worry stone is a powerful tool for grounding and centering the mind, body and spirit. By helping to bring balance and harmony to the wearer, the tiger eye worry stone can be a powerful aid in helping to reduce stress levels and anxiety.
  1. Find a smooth, flat stone that fits comfortably in your hand.
  2. Using sandpaper to sand the surface of the stone to make it smoother.
  3. Optional: To make the worry stone fit better, you can choose to use a drill tool to create a thumb indentation for added comfort.
  4. Optional: Decorate or paint the stone to make it look better.
  5. Your worry stone is now ready to use! Rub it between your thumb and fingers whenever you need to relieve stress.