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Flower agate meaning: personal growth

Flower agate, also known as cherry blossom agate, is a type of agate that has small floral formations inside. It often appears in pink color with flower inclusions. Thanks to its romantic color and chemical durability, flower agate is very popular among craftsmen and carvers. This flower agate is a variety of quartz with a banded pattern that often contains vivid colors, making it a desirable choice for many.

Unlike other agates, flower agate is characterized by its vibrant colors, which are often shades of pink, red, yellow, and orange. It is often found in the form of nodules, which are rounded stones that contain concentric layers of minerals. The special colors of the flower agate stone are formed due to various minerals, and the unique pattern gives the stone its signature look.

Flower agate is useful for those that are trying to break out of patterns that no longer serve them, such as patterns of unhealthy relationships or habitual negative thinking. And it is also a great stone for those that are looking to make a positive change in their lives. has all kinds of flower agates like raw flower agate, blue flower agate, sakura agate, carnelian flower agate as well as green flower agate. Get flower agate wholesale from here, and enjoy the beauty of cherry blossom of crystal.

Flower agate is a type of agate that is known for its beautiful and intricate patterns. It is an incredibly unique stone that is found in various locations around the world, including India, Brazil, and the United States. There are a wide range of flower agates in the market, let’s introduce them to you one by one.

1 Cherry Blossom Agate

Cherry blossom agate is also known as Sakura agate and is an incredibly beautiful stone that is characterized by its delicate range of pink, white, and lavender hues. The cherry blossom agate stone has become a symbol of beauty and elegance in many cultures, with its name derived from the Japanese term “sakura” meaning “cherry blossom” It is a symbol of beauty and tranquility that has become a favorite among many crystal healers and jewelry makers alike. This pink stone presents a kind of soft energy that can make people full of energy and pursue their dreams. So this sakura agate can encourage people to live their longing life.

2 Green Flower Agate

Green flower agate gets its color from chlorite inclusions which is a powerful healing tool that works on the entire chakra system. The green flower agate can remove the negative energy from your body so that your body can stay in harmony and healthy. The green flower agate is also a stone of wealth, it may bring you luck and money, therefore, taking this stone around you will improve your financial condition. It also carries the positive healing ray and passion with the heart charka. Therefore, the green flower agate is a precious stone that improves health, promotes wealth, and helps positive energy flow through the body.

3 Black Flower Agate

This black flower agate is an absolutely gorgeous stone that has a flower inside that is contrasting the soft blush sakura agate. The black color comes from hematite inclusions and this is the basic source of grounding energy to this dreamy feminine crystal. The black color is often regarded as the most powerful color so the nurturing energy of black flower agate makes it a good decoration for a home and bedroom. The black flower agate leads the calming energy into your environment so as to help you remove anxious thoughts to achieve inner peace.

4 Blue Flower Agate

Blue flower agate is a species in the chalcedony family, known for its white and blue patterns resembling flowers on its surface. Blue is the color of the sea and sky and often represents the vastness of life. The blue flower agate is also associated with your Throat Chakra, which is located in your throat and acts on your expression of truth. So the energy of blue flower agate can listen to your voice and increase your energy to share your wisdom with the world, so you can express yourself clearly and share your truth with the world.

Flower agate contains gentle and rich power, which promotes personal growth. The stone like garden, with dots representing seeds and patterns representing flowers. So it means that people start from seeds, grow slowly by absorbing energy, and finally blossom and bear fruit. Flower agate reminds us to pay attention to the process of life and appreciate every scenery in life.

Flower agate represents soft feminine power. Girls wearing flower agate can grow under the nourishment of love and vitality, so this unique stone makes people feel at ease and comfortable, providing an ideal environmental foundation for us to restore our emotions and confident life. Besides,  flower agate also inspire us to realize and nurture our dreams, so its positive energy ignites our passion to pursue our dreams.

It is believed that flower agate is associated with the heart and root chakras.
As it know to all, flower agate help us establish inner peace by activating and connecting heart and root charkas. So when you feel stressed and worried, mediation with flower agate can make one focus on their emotional body and their inner desire, and rebuilt their inner peace and forest their empathy.

Just as the name goes, flower agate helps your blossom into best yourself. And as other pink crystals like rose quartz, the flower agate sure do to help in love. Through work on heart chakra, flower agate will attract love, compassion, and beauty into your life. Besides, flower agate guide yo to make changes, and pursue your great dreams and desire in your life. That means one will have encourage to seek their true love with the help of flower agate.

Yes, the flower agate is a beautiful pink crystals not only for ornament, but also an amazing healing crystal that bring positive into your life. It encourage start a new life and wave goodbye to the lifeless days of the past. By simulate your purpose and goals, this beautiful pink crystal will help you to achieve your dreams and accomplish your goals. Wearing flower agate everyday, and feel the positive energy it brings.

Yes, agate is quite common because they can be found in all over the world. On the contrary, the flower agate is only found in Madagascar.

Thanks to Madagascar's unique geography, beautiful agate stones have been created. But the price of flower agate is also based on its sizes, dimensions, purity and pattern. In general, flower agate is much expensive than other agates.

The answer is of course yes. Since the hardness of flower agate ranks seventh on the Mohs hardness scale, it is a hard gemstone. So in theory, this stone can withstand water contact without any damage. However, this does not mean that agate can withstand prolonged immersion in water. But in case of any crystal damage such as cracks, it is best not to expose the crystal to water. If you need to clean the agate, the best way is to wipe it with clean water and a soft cloth, and then rinse it with running water for about ten seconds. This can effectively clean the stains stuck to the crystal without damaging the agate.