10 Best Crystal Necklace Pendants for Your Daily Life

top 10 crystal necklaces

Crystals have captivated our eyes for centuries, with their eye-catching beauty and powerful healing properties. Whether you are a crystal collector or not, I am sure no one doesn’t appreciate the sparkling beauty of crystal gemstones. As a popular way to make full use of crystal power, these exquisite pieces of crystal necklaces not only add a touch of grace to any outfit but also offers numerous benefits to the wearer. Today, I’m going to list the 10 best crystal necklace pendants for your reference. If you are looking for an amazing gift or to add elegance to your jewelry collection, don’t miss this blog.

Meaning of Healing Crystal Necklace

In this busy and stressful world, our chakras are often disturbed, leaving our physical and mental harmony out of whack, like a symphony out of rhythm.

These colorful crystals are our loyal friends, and they can help us regulate and restore our chakras, allowing our energy to flow smoothly. They are our soul mates, accompanying us in our cosmic mission and cultivating our inner strength.

Besides, these gems are our energy guards, they can clear our negative emotions, attract positive energy, and make our mood happy. They are also our energy emitters which can surround our entire body with a warm glow.

I know it sounds a little mysterious, but don’t be afraid. Let us explore the mysteries of the seven chakras, which are the core of our body and mind.

Are you ready for this amazing journey?


Why Prefer Crystal Bracelet Over Others?

Crystals and gemstones are regarded as potential healing stones that work on one’s well-being including spiritual, mental, as well as physical. Despite their beautiful and colorful appearance, crystals are actually a form of mineral that formed in the earth. Crystals are always here to give you support in your inner world. To enjoy the healing properties of crystals at any time, one of the best ways is to wear crystal jewelry. 

It is believed that crystal necklaces offer various benefits to those who wear them. Based on the crystal stones you choose, the crystal necklace can protect you from negative energy, balance your chakra, promote the flow of positive energy, and safeguard your natural energy from surrounding influence. 

Furthermore, crystal jewelry also has a rich meaning. It represents love, friendship, peace, and harmony. Plus, by imputing your intention and purpose into your crystal jewelry like your purpose, and dream, you have created a dream reminder that reminds you to manifest those dreams.

Another important reason why crystal necklaces have received a lot of admiration is that crystal necklaces are available in a variety of styles.

Some crystal necklaces feature small crystals along the entire chain, either with a single type of crystal or lining between different types. of gemstones. Another popular crystal necklace types are a crystal pendant held on a chain. This kind of crystal necklace allows the wearer to have a close touch with the crystal near heart which is believed to have a better healing effect. Additionally, crystal necklaces usually come in different lengths or adjustable lengths, the wearer can adjust the length to make it choker-style or at the center of the chest.


crystal necklace pendants

#1 Hexagonal Healing Crystal Necklaces


What makes this hexagonal necklace special:

Natural polished crystal gemstone with a nice touch

Perfect adjustable length

Reasonable price

Amazing healing properties.

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Let’s start the list with these beautiful Hexagonal Healing Crystal Necklaces. Are you searching for an exquisite and spiritual crystal necklace around your neck? Looking no further. This hexagonal healing crystal necklace is special for you. These pendant necklaces are the perfect choice for those who seeking to experience positive energy and uplifting vibrations. When you receive the necklace parcel, what you got are six pieces of hexagonal necklace in different healing crystals. That means you can experience 6 healing crystals at once at a very low price. The pink rose quartz necklace is for unconditional love, and the tiger eye necklace is for the smoothness and comfort of your emotion. 

The main components of these pendant necklaces are a quartz pendant and a stainless steel chain. The natural quartz stone is meticulously screened and polished, resulting in a transparent and smooth crystal that is both durable and visually appealing.

No matter which necklace you choose among these six, you definitely benefit a lot. You can prepare it for the whole family or give it as a present to your lovers, friends, and acquaintances. Share your crystal necklaces, share your joy, and your best blessing to your beloved one.


#2 Healing Crystal Moon Necklace Pendant

Healing Crystal Moon Necklace Pendant


What makes it special:

Healing moon shape

The right length for both coups and all friends.

Excellent gift for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, holidays, Christmas, and birthdays.

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This beautiful moon necklace features a beautiful tree of life pendant with moon shape crystal, representing rich knowledge, full protection, endless strength, success as well as beauty. This moon tree crystal necklace is a quite popular necklace type. Wearing it around the neck is a way for one to express their attitude toward life and peaceful life.

This moon crystal necklace is made of hand-picked stones and a metal chain. So each gemstone is unique and varies from others. With versatile style and widely matched with your outfit, this moon-shaped crystal necklace will definitely bring you endless compliments.

There are 8 types of gemstone material available. Clear Quartz, also known as the king of crystals, is a good choice for your loved one. While the colorful 7 chakra stone combines all 7 gemstones into one which can open your seven chakra and heal your inner world. The amethyst necklace is also a grounding stone that benefits your body, which keeps you always sober and make the right decision. Besides, these gemstones are also good at improving your memories and dispelling negative exposure.

In terms of size and length, the crystal pendant is 37mm*32mm with a moderate size, and the crystal chain length is about 24 inches. That’s the right size of necklace for men and women, providing comfort and enhancing its appeal.

#3 Crystal Choker Flower Wrapped Necklaces


What makes this product stand out:

The adjustable necklace chain measures 24inches

Lightweight and not heavy to wear

Timeless and elegant design

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Enhance your feminine vibe with this adorable and intricate crystal necklace adorned with lovely flowers. This flower-wrapped crystal necklace is designed with the seven chakra theory. The pointed-end shapes with adorable flower not only add a touch of fashion to you but also promotes overall health and emotional well-being. That means this point pendant can concentrate the energy vibration of crystal gemstones and works on your blocked chakra. You can use it for meditation or yoga practice to amplify its effect. Pick this flower-wrapped necklace as a special gift to express your affection to your loved one, I believe your relationship will be greatly improved and strengthened.

Apart from its healing proprieties, this healing crystal necklace will get a female favorite with its exquisite design and charming outlook. The arrow-shaped crystal is wrapped in a gentle pink tone, adding a gentle touch to the entire necklace. Ladies can choose it for all occasions to present their charm and elegance.

#4 Colorful Chakra Energy Pendant Necklace Wholesale


What I like about it:

Get 7 healing stones at once

Carefully selected crystals

Special for gifts and parties

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Look for a special birthday gift for someone important to you. This chakra energy pendant necklace is made for these days. The colorful 7 chakra necklace features 7 different healing stones with different colors. When you wear it around the neck, a sense of serenity will arouse. Plus, this colorful crystal necklace means to bring you fortune and luck.

This 7 chakra crystal necklace is quite versatile for any occasion. You can make it fit for all occasions so you can feel the tremendous healing power of crystal at any time.

As an amazing necklace ideal, the 7 chakra crystal necklace combines all healing crystals in one, so it can work on all well-being. It is said that it promotes psychic growth, relieves life stress, and uplifts the energy of one person. That makes it a perfect choice for Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

#5 Tree Of Life Crystal Necklace


Why we love it:

Meaningful tree of life symbol.

A hand-made crystal necklace

Gives you a deep sense of positive energy

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I believe no one can resist the beauty of this tree of life crystal necklace. This tree of life necklace is a versatile and eye-catching jewelry accessory that features hand-picked gemstone chips gathering in the tree of life on a round plate. The tree pendant hangs from a chain with a length of up to 21.5 inches, and the pendant size is about 2.5*1.85 inches. You can wear this tree of life alone or pair it with other accessories from Nacrystal to maximize the effect.

This tree of life crystal necklace has rich meanings. It is a universal symbol found in many spiritual traditions. The tree of life symbolizes all good things in life including protection, wisdom, strength, wealth, charity, and beauty.

Showing case the fine workmanship, this tree of life is totally hand-made with healing gemstones. The whole crystal necklace shines with a vivid personality and makes it a good addition to your jewelry collection or a meaningful gift for your loved one. Besides, to fully enjoy the healing power this tree brings you, remember to cleanse it under the moon after a long time of wear.

# 6 Rainbow Tourmaline Cluster Necklace


Why we love it:

Unique peacock shape

Rich healing properties

Surprise gift for your loved one.

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Complete your look with this rainbow tourmaline necklace with a peacock tail. This tourmaline necklace pendant features a natural raw tourmaline stone and hangs with a black chain. The whole necklace pendant shines with rainbow colors that add glamour and mystery. The tourmaline necklace is a part of your daily outlook that can be styled for a unique and grace look. With a length of 5cm for the pendant, the whole tourmaline necklace fits perfectly for men and women.

Make this tourmaline necklace as a surprise gift for someone special to you and give all your best blessing and wishes to him/her. This gift will encourage them to be confident and strive for their dreams.

#7 Colored Crystal Cluster Agate Cave Pendant


Why I like this crystal cluster pendant:

The necklace is very shiny

Best choice for showing your own style

Each one is unique

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Selecting a crystal necklace as a gift is such a challenge, especially for a person who is not familiar with crystal stones. If you’re still undecided, consider choosing this raw crystal cluster necklace pendant.

If you are a raw crystal necklace lover, you can’t miss out on this crystal cluster pendant necklace. Attracted by its dazzling raw agate and bright color like blue, green, and white, the real crystal collector will admire its premium quality and the special meaning it carries.

Choosed by hand and made with fine workmanship, this raw crystal cluster pendant is a stylish way to express yourself. You can take this necklace for any occasion whether for work or going out. Your necklace is so stunning and shinnying that you will become the focus of the party.

#8 Butterfly Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace Wholesale



Why we love it

Special butterfly design

Good gift for female friends

Elegant choice to show your manner

This butterfly wire wrapped pendant is a simple and grace accessory that combines the exquisite and quality of crystal.The beauty of butterfly and the elegance of crystals gemstone all together to represent the eternal love. The amazing crystal pedant features a beautiful delicate butterfly on the dainty chain, making it charming and eye-catching for all occasion to show your manner.

The butterfly crystal necklace and the hand polished teardrop gemstone are designed to be an ideal gift option, gentleman can make it a romantic gift for your loved one. You can also take it for mediation and yoga practise.

#9 Cross Crystal Stones Necklace Pendant Bulk


What makes this cross crystal pendant special

As low as $0.88

Can be used for handcraft

Give wearer spritual protection

If you firmly believe in spirituality, this cross-crystal pendant is a special design for you. Coming with all kinds of cross pendants, you can choose different materials or different colors based on your taste.

The combination of these gemstone crosses with healing crystals gives you spiritual protection that fills your spiritual world with positive energy, thus bringing luck to your life.

In addition, another reason why this crystal is popular is its low price. Crystal cross pendant as low as $0.88. You can buy this pendant in bulk for a lower wholesale price to match your clothes for different occasions.

You can use cross pendants for hand-crafting to add a touch of design to your drab woven necklace. You can also use it to make a distinctive accessory to gift for your special friends. No matter what you choose, this crystal crucifix pendant for as low as $0.88 will never disappoint you.

#10 12PCS Colored Hexagonal Crystal Necklaces Pendant Wholesale

12PCS Colored Hexagonal Crystal Necklace



What makes it special:

One buy for 12 pieces.

Different style for different occasion.

Cheap in price


Let me introduce this 12-hexagonal pointed crystal pendant to style your outlook. Made with high-quality crystal material like amethyst, tiger eye, malachite, and more, these crystal pendants promote your physical and mental healing. Carefully crafted for durability, the solid construction of hexagonal points can withstand light scratches and breaks. Besides, each pointed pendant comes with a chain for secure fit and against loss.


How to Choose the Right Crystal Necklaces?

Everyone has their own vibration, and the vibration is quite different because of thoughts, emotions, and overall health.

Although the jewelry expert agrees that the crystal necklace is designed for everyone. While the final decision on which crystal necklace is best for me lies with the individual. Remember to trust your instincts.

Your instinct and own feeling is the standard for choosing crystal necklaces. Is this necklace has a standout feature? Does it shine brighter than other options? Do you feel excited when you touch it?

For body shapes and personality types, if you have a small shape but a large personality, a large-size crystal necklace is best for you.

 If you can make a decision between two pieces of jewelry, trust your own sense. Slowly slow your eyes and touch the two crystal necklaces. The one that makes you feel comfortable is the crystal necklace for you.



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