Amethyst Crystals: Meaning, Healing Properties and Benefits

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Amethyst is a popular semi-precious crystal gemstone that has massive healing properties. It is a powerful stone, and the usage of amethyst healing properties can date back thousands of years ago. Actually, the word “amethyst” comes from the Greek word, meaning to and implies maintaining a stable and sober state of mind. Now, amethyst is widely used in producing different kinds of amethyst crystals. After being cut and polished, the beauty of amethyst stone will appear. So customers can buy different types of amethyst products like amethyst crystal necklaces, amethyst rings, amethyst bracelets, and amethyst birthstones on the market.

Amethyst crystals have massive power to attract the eyes of crystal collectors. If you love this purple amethyst gemstone and are willing to get more information about it, this blog gives you a chance. We have round-up all information about real amethyst and you will get everything from amethyst stone meaning and amethyst healing properties to amethyst price.

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What is Amethyst?

Amethyst crystal is a crystal gemstone that belongs to the member of the quartz family. It has a distinctive purple color and has been used in decoration for over 2000 years.

With a hardness of seven on the Mohs scale, the amethyst stone is durable enough to make all kinds of jewellery. You will find raw amethyst crystals or various amethyst products like bracelets, earrings, pendants.

Amethyst is also the birthstone of February that reserved for royalty in the history. The the mineral species of purple is thought to generate strength and clarity, and it can protect you from harm.

Different Types of Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst is a gorgeous crystals that come in various colors and different types. The most popular amethyst is in purple color, but there are quite unique forms that look different to each other.

Here I have listed some of the most common types of amethyst based on their  colors. From the black amethyst to the new discovered pink amethyst crystal. Want to know more about them, let’s continue.

Natural Raw Pink Amethyst Stone
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Pink amethyst: What makes pink amethyst crystal so very special? Besides its beautiful and attractive appearance, its because it was newly discovered in Argentina, and scientists have spent a lot of time researching it. The pink amethyst is thought to be a softer and even more feminine version than the purple amethyst crystal.On the contrary, it has more power than the regular purple amethyst. As a newly discovered gemstone type, many benefits and functions of pink amethyst are not found yet. This means that there is a new perspective on gemstone of Amethyst with endless potential. As pink amethyst is considered a personal and soft crystal, it can be used in jewelry.

Pink amethyst meaning: The best is yet to come.

Black amethyst: Black amethyst is not a popular form of the amethyst gemstone, but it’s also worth talking due to its excellent energy. Black amethyst also belongs to the amethyst family. Since it has higher iron content, the vision of black amethyst is darker than ordinary amethyst’s. It is often considered that the darker colour, the more power. So black amethyst crystal own endless power over the other colors of amethyst. Known as the third eye or crown chakra crystal, Amethyst has a connection to God, which can boost spirituality, provides inspirational protection and enhances your psychic abilities.

Black amethyst meaning: A grounding crystal and a powerful aid for both spirit and emotion.

Point Polished Amethyst Purple Crystal
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Chevron amethyst: Chevron amethyst, also called dog tooth amethyst, is the combination of white quartz and amethyst in a banded or “V” pattern. The chevron amethyst is a beautiful lavender amethyst that is in the color of lavender, purple, or white.

As a stone crystal of combination, chevron-amethyst crystal has highly spiritual energy. It has combined the strengthening qualities of quartz with the stress-relieving qualities of amethyst.

When the owner is surrounded by noise or chaos, this chevron amethyst stone will give you peace of mind so that you can discover new things about yourself.

Chevron amethyst meaning: Lessening ones resistance on your path to self-discovery.

Green amethyst: Green amethyst, close related to amethyst and citric, have a close relationship to the solar plexus and the third eye. As a heated-treated form of amethyst, green amethyst crystal is ideal for harmonizing body and mind and integrating the whole. 

It’s very hard for one to have intercourse through dedicating oneself to spiritual life, and green amethyst can help you shorten this process. It can transform your spiritual growth into the connection of your real life. 

Meanwhile, it can help you have the ability to clear the human weakness. 

Green amethyst meaning: It focuses on peace and calm and brings health and happiness to the wearer. 

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Different forms of Amethyst Crystals

Although amethyst crystals are typically acquired through similar means, they can come in various forms. These different forms result from the unique environment surrounding each crystal location. The popular forms of amethyst crystals like points, clusters, and tumbled stones.

Raw amethyst: The main composition of raw amethyst is Silicon Dioxide, with races of iron that give them its distinctive purple hue. Raw amethyst tends to be relatively small, and very few of them are over 30cm in length. Like other forms of amethyst, raw amethyst stones are believed to bring harmony to the home and give you a peaceful mind. The raw amethysts are also taken as a protective talisman to protect them back safely.

Amethyst tower: As a gemstone in the quartz family, the amethyst towers are available both in natural and polished forms. Natural amethyst towers are founded in quartz stones, while glossy amethyst towers are obtained after a series of processes. The amethyst towers are used as decor or as tools for energy balance. It is a must-have for any collection.

Amethyst clusters: Amethyst clusters are a group of crystals that form in an open environment. They often have euhedral crystal forms that show their internal crystal structures. The amethyst crystals are not only visually striking, but they have powerful healing energy throughout the home.

Tumbled amethyst: Tumbled amethyst stones are small pebble-liks crystals for carrying and using at any time. This crystal type is effective in attracting serenity and dispelling disagreement. The tumbled stones are often used in jewelry and amulets. It is also believed to have powerful healing properties. Tumble amethyst is a valuable addition to any crystal collection.


Amethyst Crystal Meaning & Symbolism

In its long time history, the amethyst has become prominent due to its beautiful color and spiritual and inner meaning. 

Amethyst crystal is essential to this ancient and wise culture, and the myths associated with it still exist today.

It is said that the amethyst crystal is connected with the third eyes and crown chakra, and the purple mineral represents peace, cleansing, and calming energy. The spiritual meaning of amethyst is groundness, serenity, and calmness. That simply means have a look at this strong crystal and you will feel peace in mind. Placing it on your pre-head, heart, or navel, you will feel a mysterious power that keeps all your negative emotions like angry, sad, and rage from leaving out of your body. 

Today, many psychics still place a high value on amethyst, and many scared places are often designed into unparalleled violet.

 With so many cultures that have linked spiritual overtones to this brilliant gem, amethyst is sure to become one of the richest crystals ever created.

Amethyst Healing Properties and Benefits

Thanks to the strong power of amethyst, many practitioners often use the amethyst to heal the body and mind. There are many amethyst crystal benefits and properties to list. Keep reading to discover more potential healing properties of amethyst on the body, emotion, and metaphysical.

Physical Healing Properties

  • Reduce headaches and clear your mind
  • Boost sleep and enhance endocrine function
  • Improve the immune system

On a physical level, amethyst is also related to healthy cell regeneration. It can boost sleep, enhance endocrine systems, and improve metabolism to keep the whole body balanced and in harmony. So your body does not feel anxious and nervous. At the same time, the mysterious power of purple amethyst stone can make the luminous mind sober, which is very useful for those who are troubled by headaches. The amethyst is a stone for keeping a sober mind.

For those who are troubled with cutting down on their drinking, real amethyst can remind the wearer to keep their minds sober and make the right choice when they are confused.

The amethyst gemstone is famous for helping those who struggle with insomnia. The purple stone enables to bring a rich ability to rest and strength. For those who have insomnia, wearing the amethyst on the body in the darkness can keep chaos away from you. Hence you can enter the sweet dreamland and don’t stay up all night, so it can save insomnia and improve the spirit of insomnia.

The amethyst gemstone is also a guardian stone, which can resist the disease and promote the body’s rapid healing. The raw amethyst  can purity can be transmitted to blood, reducing the pressure and anxiety of the body, thereby improving the immune system.


Emotional Healing Properties

  • Calm and clear
  • Eliminates negative emotions
  • help make choice.

Amethyst crystal can bring peace and harmony to a chaotic world. Amethyst is emotionally centered and effective in helping those who are sad, lost, or have a shadow in their heart. So those who wear amethyst will find that they have magical powers to comfort and soothe them.

Losing a loved one is a painful experience, but life also needs to be remembered and cherished. Amethyst gemstone promotes the pursuit of inner balance in spirituality as well. It reminds us that death is not just a loss but a leap to a higher realm. That means the amethyst stone can encourage wearers to overcome negative emotions and help them recognize darkness and accept it.

Amethyst crystal helps the rage person to control their emotions, and it will replace the growth and spread of anger with a quieting force.

Amethyst eliminates negative emotions, and when one is at peace with oneself and stays focused, the mind can spark creativity, and we can find love and pursue our interests.

Life is full of challenges and choices, and people can get stuck in a rut, not knowing what to do next. Amethyst reminds the wearer that everything is within their grasp, and with their knowledge and courage, they will pass the difficulties and towards a brighter future.

Amethyst crystals promote change in our lives, improves family and relationship dynamics, and fills our hearts with love.

Amethyst Metaphysical Properties

  • Related to the Crown Chakra
  • Enhance third eye to open
  • Keep mind away from dark magic

The amethyst rock is one of the most important stones in healing for those who look forward to spiritual awakening. It is closely connected to the crown chakra and can bridge the gap between the spiritual realm and the physical. The crown chakra is the center of sacred energy, and when the crown chakra power is untapped, a person will feel isolated and detached from what is around them. When the crown chakra is open and empowered, one has a happy and peaceful mind and confidence in work.

The crown chakra is not the only chakra that relatd to amethyst crystal. Crystal collectors also believe, amethyst is also link to thrid eye chakra. The third eye chakra is a powerful, intuitive tool that everyone is born with. The dream amethyst awakens the third eye and allows one to have stronger intuition. In Eastern philosophy, the third eye represents one’s spiritual center and possesses powerful perceptive abilities. When the third eye is blocked, people can fall into depression and anxiety. Amethyst awakens the third eye and fills a person with wisdom and imagination. The thrid eye chakra has a close relationship with the deepblue that is very close to purple The amethyst crystal can activting the blocked thrid eyes with its strong spiritual properties. Therefore, one can be lead into the higher level of awareness.

Amethyst counteracts the negative energies of the external environment and has a long history as a talisman. It protects one against physical attacks and misfortune. On a spiritual level, it also helps protect the brain from emotional manipulation.


Amethyst and Chakras

Amethyst contains mysterious high energy, which can effectively stimulate the third eye and crown chakra, so amethyst is an ideal meditation object to help the body clear blockages.

The third eye chakra is the center of perception and command, which allows us to understand the world and guide our direction. So people communicate with their inner self through the third eye chakra. If the third eye is out of balance, we cannot have deep internal communication. And Amethyst can stimulate the third eye chakra and strengthen the communication between our thoughts and hearts.

As its name suggests, the crown chakra is at the top of the head and it is the hub between your physical body and the vast world. The crown chakra reflects the way we think and the reflection of the things around us. When the crown chakra is balanced, our body is also in energy balance, and we can strengthen our beliefs and gain more spiritual support. If the crown chakra is unbalanced, the purple light of amethyst has magical magic, giving our lives endless inspiration and vitality.

Uses of Amethyst

Amethyst is widely used in all kinds of healing, where choosing amethyst jewelry is the easiest and fastest way. This ensures that everyone can get the most out of this beautiful stone.

Wearing Amethyst

People wear raw amethyst crystal and amethyst jewelry to bring harmony and serenity to their lives. The most common crystals are: amethyst pendant, amethyst rings, amulets.

Amethyst can bring intellectual reasoning and spiritual insight to its bearer. Amethyst is worn by negotiators to focus their energy, calm their mood, and help them come up with wiser ideas. It also removes anger and gives them an edge in arguments.

Amethyst is the stone of luck and wealth that can help the wearer achieve financial goals. People who want to stop gambling and reduce irrational spending can wear amethyst crystal necklace to avoid unreasonable investments.

In addition, amethyst is a talisman for artistic and creative tools. Artists, painters, and poets love to wear amethyst to bring luck and peace of mind.

Amethyst for Working

Amethyst crystal is a wise choice if you are looking for a gemstone to avoid negative energy in the workplace. In addition to amethyst’s healing properties, it can be used as an office decoration that can bring positive vibrations. Placing amethyst gems in different workplaces allows it to maximize its positive effects. You can place it in your vehicle to make your drive easier and more enjoyable. Besides, amethyst crystal is a great choice for meditation rooms because of its ability to calm the mind. It allows you to relax and get rid of stress and anxiety completely. You can also place it in your office and let the amethyst give you plenty of power to work hard and promote yourself positively.

Amethyst at Home

There are many ways to add amethyst crystals at home. Due to its solid characteristics, the amethyst can be made into home decorations, accessories and even furniture. Add amethyst jewellery to your family and bring positive energy to the family.

The amethyst symbolizes enthusiasm and warmth. This makes it a supplement to the living room, restaurant and other areas.

Amethyst crystal can stimulate emotions and actions.Placing amethys crystalt in the bedroom can help develop a stronger relationship between husband and wife.

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FAQ about Amethyst crystals

1. Can Amethyst Crystal Go in Water?

People often come up with one question:Can amethyst go in water?

The short answer is of course yes.

Amethyst belongs to the Quartz family which is considered very hard because it rated 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. The scale is a chart used to measure the resistance of a stone or mineral to water damage and general wear and tear. The higher the number on the scale, of which 10 are the highest (diamonds), the harder the stone is.

So amethyst is very safe to go into water. Thanks to its stability, the amethyst doesn’t lose its colour when immersed in water. So you can wear the amethyst to take a shower or clean it with water.

2. How to Cleanse Amethyst?   

Cleanse the amethyst crystal can remove the negative energy for a long time use. Whether you receive the amethyst as a new gift or you bought it for yourself, you need to cleanse it before use. It is said that amethyst will emit an emotional reaction when it needs to be cleaned. It may also be that your amethyst crystal becomes dull or cloudy, indicating the need for cleansing.

The best methods for cleansing your amethyst as follows:

Method 1: Clean water

Water is considered one of the best ways to cleanse your amethyst, especially the stream or running water. Putting the amethyst in the natural environment will remove the negative energy of amethyst and recover its healing power.

When cleansing the stone with running water especially the hard quartz stone, it’s ideal for cleaning it in 1 minute. 

Method 2: Brown rice

Another simple way to cleanse the amethyst is to bury the stone in a bowl of rice. Fill the brown rice in a bowl, and bury the crystal under the rice. Since the rice can absorb the negative energy, remember to discard it after use.

The ideal time for cleansing amethyst with brown rice is 24 hours.

Method 3: Cleanse amethyst with earth

One good way to cleanse amethyst is to return it to the earth to absorb the negative energy. Placing the amethyst in a bag and burying it in the yard or under the plant. Don’t worry it will be dirty, and you can wash it after 24 hours.

3. How to Charge Amethyst Crystals?

Amethyst crystals can obtain energy and can maintain and emit energy. In order to better perform the healing properties of crystals, crystals should be placed in an environment full of radiation. You can place your gemstone in a happy place that is full of a good and positive atmosphere. You can also use your own energy to charge the crystal. Just as people can use their thoughts and breath to remove stones, you can use the feeling you want to get to charge the crystal.

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4. How to Tell if Amethyst is Real?

If you are investing in gems like amethyst, it’s very important to get to know how to tell if amethyst is real.

There are some tests that can help you.

1 Test the hardness of the crystal

Amethyst ranks 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, so it can scratch anything below 7. You can use the amethyst to scratch a kitchen knife (6.5 harnesses) to test if the harness can reach 7.

2 Check it with eyes

The visual test refers to checking the imperfection in minerals. No piece of stone is 100% perfect. Check the stone with your eyes, and you can spot the small imperfections like tiny cracks inside the crystalline structure, changes in color, dots, or speckles. It might not be the real thing if the amethyst is in a perfect state.

3 Check injected dyes

Some jewelers choose similar minerals and dyes with crack stains to sell fake. It’s not difficult to spot cracks with small amounts of dyes. This is a warning signs meaning this stone may be modified to cheat untrained eyes. 

4 Check the small inside bubbles

Some stones show bubbles inside since they are formed with strong heat and pressure. However, amethyst is an exception. Amethyst is a member of the quartz family, and the common compositions are thread-like ones, not bubbles. So if the stone has bubbles, you should doubt its reality. 

5. What Chakra is Amethyst?

Amethyst gem is the birthstone of February, and the chakra associated with this stone is Crown chakra. 

Amethyst is famous for providing calm and positive to the wearers, and it is a calming mineral that brings serenity to your mind and your crown chakra.

Your seventh chakra is also known as the crown chakra, which is on the top of your head. It is in purple and plays a bridge between personal connection and your divine. Hence, your personal mind can be consistent with pure awareness and wisdom.

When you open your crown chakra, you will get access to your higher and best of yourself because your crown chakra has amazing potential power. However, when your crown chakra is blocked, you may feel depressed, socially isolated, or emotionally challenged. Amethyst can help you find your way by bringing you positive energy and serenity. 

amethyst crystal price

6. How Much Amethyst is Worth?

Amethyst was on the list of most valuable gems through the ages. However, it is removed from the list since a massive of deposits of this lavish gem were discovered in the South Africa in the eighteenth century. Therefore, the amethyst gem was easy to get and use at low price. It is soon no longer classified as an expensive type of gem.

Today, thanks to the development of technology, the amethyst is quite affordable and easy to reach. The price of each carat is about $20-$50.

Although amethyst price has been greatly reduced, some rare gemstone is popular. Among all of these, the deep-purple and royal stand out.

Today, how much amethyst is worth is all up to supply and demand, as well as preference and accessibility. In other words, price mainly depends on the market. Some collectors look for the deepest and richest hue of stone, while others seek lighter color ones. As South Africa amethyst tends to be more sparkling, it is much more popular now.

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