Blue Calcite Meaning and Healing Properties

As a common stone, calcite comes in a variety of colors. Among all of them, blue calcite is a crystal that particularly rare to see. In fact, like other calcite, blue calcite is a calcium carbonate crystal. This mistery blue crystal is also known as Blue Ice Calcite that is because there are whote steakes on its dark blue appearance. It comes from limestone and dolomite, and is often found in the form of massive, clustered, or dotted crystals.

Where does Blue Calcite come from?

Calcite is a very popular crystal around the world, but blue calcite is only found in a few places, so it’s has high value and not easily buy on the market.
Blue calcite was discovered in Nueveo Leon of Mexico, and its main production areas come from some regions in Mexico, the United States, Iceland, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. Thanks to Madagascar’s superior geographical location, the high quality blue calcite born from here and this makes Madagascar the world’s leading source of blue calcite.

The Blue Calcite Metaphysical Properties  

Blue calcite is mysterious and rare, this blue stone is said to be associated with many mythological figures. These include the the Norse god of knowledge Odin and the Norwegian god of the sea Njord.

Blue calcite is full of mysterious blue hues, so it is closely associated with the third eye chakra and the throat. That represents the identification and intuitive awakening of oneself and places a foundation for the deep search for yourself.

Blue Calcite is said to be associated with the three elements of air, water and fire, and in the Milky Way it is associated with the planets Venus and Mercury. So wearing blue calcite can make a person wise and expressive.


Blue Calcite Meaning and Healing Properties


Blue Calcite Healing Properties

Healing and Release

Blue Calcite is an emotional and physical healer that can help you unblock the chakras and let the past go. This piece of stone teaches you to love yourself and forgive others. Why not cleanse your body and mind and greet a new self with a positive attitude? To activate this crystal to heal yourself, you need to associate it with the earth element. Put this blue calcite under the soil and leave it overnight, and cleanse with soil before using it.

Inspiration and Creativity

Did you know that Blue Calcite is a valuable crystal that good for writers, artists, and musicians? That’s because this healing stone can enhance the wearer’s communication and psychic skills at the same time. Therefore, for people who need to be creative, why not charge themselves with blue calcite? It can improve their work efficiency and create more creativity. Before starting your work day, you can meditate with blue calcite and set your intention to recharge the crystal, so you can get more imagination and creativity for your daily work.

Peace and Clarity

Blue Calcite is a calming stone that helps you deal with aggression, anger, rage, anxiety, and obsession. For those who are prone to worry, wearing this rock daily can keep your mind clear and help you find inner peace.

Love and Harmony

Blue calcite is often regarded as the best crystal in the spiritual world. It helps you be kind, considerate, caring, loving , and passion. So when you don’t know what to choose as a gift for your loved one, then blue calcite jewelry is your unique choice. Buy two calcite rings and place them on a candle flame before giving them to your loved one. It is said can improve your love life. Remember to cleanse them after some time.

Blue Calcite Spiritual Healing Properties

Blue Calcite can help you open your third eye and see deeper beyond appearances. It is also known as the stone of the mind because it activates your hidden mental powers such as vision, and awareness. Therefore, for people with sensitive personalities, blue calcite can help us to distinguish between thoughts and emotions. So it allows us to remain independent of the external environment, maintain a clear mind, and regulate emotional responses. In addition, blue calcite can help us to feel calm and confident in the spiritual world, allowing us to hold on to our thoughts, it can help us to express our beliefs to others and to follow our inner beliefs. Sometimes, it is like a wise man who reminds us when we are anxious or depressedand he tells us to put down our burden and move forward with ease. Sometimes, blue calcite is like a caring friend who accompanies you along the way. Deep or rhythmic breathing is very beneficial in activating blue calcite, so yoga, meditation, chanting, and singing can be used for better healing. This blue gemstone is deeply healing stone that guides you to connect with crystals and embrace change in your life.

Blue Calcite Meaning and Symbolism

Blue Calcite is a crystal with a profound meaning of unconditional peace. It can help you release stress, calm anger, reconcile conflict, and increase trust and understanding. It can also help you communicate with your soul and higher self, as well as receive guidance from angels and mentors.

Did you know that blue calcite has a long history and culture? It was once used by the Greeks and Romans as a lucky charm to bless their health, wealth, and love. It was also used by medieval alchemists and sorcerers in healing and purification rituals to ward off evil spirits, increase wisdom, and unlock supernatural abilities.

Have you ever heard of Icelandic crystal? It’s a special variety of calcite because it’s colorless and transparent and strongly birefringent, just like ice. This is why blue calcite is sometimes called blue ice calcite. This kind of calcite can help you purify and balance your energy centers as well as connect with your guardian angels and spiritual teachers.

How to Meditate with Blue Calcite?

Blue Calcite is a crystal that allows you to feel the power and love of the earth. It can make your mind calm and peaceful so it’s a great crystal for meditation.

When you meditate with this light blue crystal, you can hold it firmly in your hand and allow your body and mind to relax. As you breathe deeply, you can feel the excess energy in your body being absorbed by the calcite and then flow into the earth.

Calcite allows you to resonate with the energy of the earth, making you feel more balanced and focused. You can also place a piece of blue calcite in the area where you are meditating and let it add more power and effectiveness to your meditation.

What’s more, blue calcite is also a crystal that can help you unlock your psychic abilities. It can make your third eye chakra more active and your mind clearer and sharper. So if you want to find a blue crystal for mediation, blue calcite is a great choice.


Blue Calcite Works with Other Crystals

Blue calcite is a crystal that allows you to express yourself better and eliminate negative emotions. It can help you communicate clearly and honestly, and it can also help you listen and understand others. Besides, It is believed that blue calcite can calm your mind and improve your intuition and insight. If you combine this amazing crystal with other healing crystals, you can increase its power or discover new combinations of abilities.

There are some crystals that work well with blue calcite, keep on reading.


Amethyst is a purple crystal that can help calm and soothe your mind. It allows you to release stress, calm anger, and enhance trust and understanding. Furthermore, it helps you improve your creativity and intuitive abilities, making you more inspired and ideas. When amethyst combines with blue calcite, the healing effect will give you more peaceful mind and more creative intuitive.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is famous for eliminating negative energy and mental attacks. It can make you feel safe and confident, free from outside interference and influence. When you use obsidian with blue calcite, you get stronger protection and grounding, making you more stable and focused.


Moldavite is a green crystal with high vibration frequency calming energy. Since Venus rules both of moldavite and blue calcite, you can wear these two crystals together. If you’re looking for good luck and spiritual protection, combining these two crystals is a must.


As a blue crystal, celesite is also close related to divine power which can enhance understanding and consciousness. So these two blue crystal has similar healing properties on awakening of consciousness and clarity of mind.

 Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a deep blue crystal that can help you stimulate your third eye chakra and boost your intuitive abilities. It allows you to perceive the environment and events around you more acutely and clearly, and also allows you to predict the future and solve problems. When you use lapis lazuli with blue calcite, you can increase your psychic abilities and spiritual awareness, making you wiser and more enlightened. 


Aquamarine and blue calcite are the perfect pair to activate your throat chakras and release your true voice. When you use these two crystals, you will be able to express your thoughts and feelings more confidently. Whether it is joy or sorrow, it can be heard and understood.

How to use Blue Calcite?

Blue calcite is a magical crystal, and while crystal therapy can never replace professional treatment, many people believe that blue calcite can provide many physical benefits if used wisely. Wearing blue calcite jewelry or carrying the stone with you is the most direct way to do this. Like other blue stones, its blue light is more than capable of activating your throat and third eye chakras, helping you to communicate your true feelings and intuition. Since blue calcite jewelry is not commonly available in the market, DIY is an opportunity to showcase your personality and style. All you need is a braided crystal holder to attach your blue calcite gemstone to and wear it on your wrist, neck or ear. If you want to enhance the effect, you can try different color combinations for a better healing effect based on what was mentioned earlier about crystal matching.

Blue Calcite and Zodiac Birthstones

Blue Calcite is a magical crystal that possesses many attributes and metaphysical properties that can improve your physical and mental health. It is a crystal for everyone, no matter what sign of the zodiac you are, you can gain strength and balance from it. It is perfect for Cancer and Pisces people as it is their birthstone and enhances their sensitivity and compassion. You can find some jewelry made with blue calcite in some crystal stores or online that are not only beautiful but also have a unique energy.

Blue calcite is also a very effective pain reliever and it can ease all kinds of physical and emotional pain. This amazing stone can help you relax tense muscles and reduce fear and stress. If you have any painful health issues, you can place a piece of blue calcite gemstone on your body and let its gentle blue glow penetrate your body to bring you comfort and solace.



Charging and Cleaning

As with any other stone, you will want to charge your blue calcite gemstones when you first bring them home. You’ll also want to charge them periodically as you use them. This will help to remove any blockages that the stones have built up over time.

The Sun

While the sun can charge your stones very quickly, you will want to remove the stones from the sun after an hour or two because the sun will discolor your crystals (even those that are sun-protected). You can place the stone outside or on a windowsill to absorb the powerful energies from the heavens. The time you need to recharge your crystals will vary, but they can usually be ready in a few minutes.

Full Moon

Clearing your stones during a full moon is a great way to eliminate negativity. At dusk, place your crystals on a windowsill or somewhere that will absorb the light of the moon (and its vibrations). The next morning, before the sun rises too high, remove the stones. You can also place some stones on a grid to charge with a specific intention. 


Blue calcite is associated with the element of water, and natural spring water can bring it back to nature and make it new. Washing for a minute under a running faucet can also clean and recharge the calcite. 


Salt is known to clear negative energy, so bury your blue calcite head in a bowl filled with sea salt for a day or two. Dry the dust with a soft cloth and remember to discard the used salt.


Blue Calcite is a magical crystal that can activate your third eye chakra for greater clarity and sharpness of thought, as well as help you connect with your Higher Self and Soul Guides so that you are more receptive to their messages and guidance. It also harmonizes your throat chakra, making your voice more sincere and powerful, as well as enhancing your ability to express and listen, making it easier for you to communicate your thoughts and feelings.

Blue Calcite is a crystal collector’s best companion, so start your spiritual journey with this amazing gemstone now. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this article!

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