Everything About Strawberry Quartz Crystal

Tired of the boring commuter life and look for something to reduce stress and ignite the passion of your life? I believe this strawberry quartz can help. It is not only a beautiful gemstone for your collection but also a healing crystal that can help you find your bless and live happily. Follow us and read on to get more information about strawberry crystals.


What is strawberry quartz?

“Strawberry Quartz” is a newly discovered gemstone in the crystal field. It is a type of quartz with a pink and sparkling appearance. Although similar in appearance to rose quartz, they are completely different. Strawberry quartz contains iron oxide and rutile inclusions that look like strawberry seeds on the surface. Rose quartz, however, is a pale pink transparent quartz with a glassy luster. So most collectors can tell the two crystals apart at a glance.

Strawberry quartz, also known as scarlet quartz, red fire quartz or strawberry ice, is a relatively new discovery. It was first discovered in Mexico and Africa in the 1970’s, and reports of these beautiful crystals have continued to come in from all over the world. Other regions such as Saxony, Brazil, Russia and Morocco are the main sources of strawberry quartz.


Strawberry quartz meaning

Strawberry Quartz is rare, valuable mineral that has unique properties. It belongs to the category of quartz and is derived from the perfect combination of silicon and oxygen. Strawberry quartz has a hexagonal crystal structure. Thanks to its trace inclusions of iron oxide and tungstenite, this crystal appear different colors from pale pink to red. Since it has a soft luster, and its waxy surface only allows some light to pass through, Strawberry quartz is translucent on surface.

Strawberry quartz is a very hard stone with a Mohs hardness of 7. This hardness is similar to that of glass, so it is not easily worn and scratched, making it suitable for long-term wear and collection.

The most eye-catching feature of strawberry crystals is their tiny inclusions, which appear in the shape of spots or stripes and are formed in the hot rock magma.

Strawberry Quartz and Chakras

Strawberry quartz can strengthen your root chakra and give you a sense of stability and security. Besides, it can also open your blocked heart chakra. As the fourth main chakra, the heart chakra serves as the center of love, passion and forgiveness. When the heart chakra is blocked, one may lose the ability to love others and love yourself. But the strawberry quartz can deal with it. It can open your heart chakra and make you feel the love of the world. What’s more, strawberry quartz also stimulates your crown chakra, so you can connect yourself with a higher self and divine source.

Strawberry quartz also has a close relationship with the other chakras; with the help of this beautiful and powerful crystal, one can live in harmony with your entire body, mind, and soul. If you want to use strawberry quartz to regulate your chakras, you can place it on the chakra you want to work.

Strawberry Quartz Benefits

Physical benefits

Do you want to feel more alive and healthy?  Then you might want to try strawberry quartz crystal.  This crystal has a powerful energy that can make you feel more energetic, improve your blood flow, and take good care of yourself.

Strawberry quartz can calm you down and help your blood runs smoothly, therefore, you can  protect your heart from problems. More, strawberry quartz has some iron in it that can boost your physical strength and make you enjoy life more. It is also a protective crystal that keep your self away from the negative energy.

Emotional benefits

Strawberry Crystal belongs to the quartz family and has powerful emotional healing properties that help with self-realization, self-confidence and self-awareness. This crystal emits love energy and helps to create and strengthen positive connections.

A member of the quartz family, the strawberry quartz has powerful emotional healing properties that help you discover self-awareness, emit loving energy, and make positive connections. This crystal heals and relieves stress, helping to open up the dusty world of the mind and allowing one to feel true joy from within. When inner restlessness is removed, the wearer is able to maintain calm thinking and react quickly to the situation at hand, allowing for better decision making. Like Rose Quartz, strawberry quartz cultivates self-love and promotes unconditional love. This crystal vibrates with cosmic energies to enhance and empower a truly loving environment.

Metaphysical Benefits

As a powerful quartz crystal, strawberry crystal has strong metaphysical properties. It can help the wearer discover himself and spiritual awakening.

Strawberry quartz is a spiritual pillar stone that reveals the truth about the inner self and helps to gain more positive energy to gain wisdom. In pursuit of the spiritual path, strawberry Quartz reminds you to pursue happiness. This popular pink gemstone can bring even more good luck energy to those who strive.

Quality of Strawberry Quartz

There are three factors that determine the quality of strawberry quartz: color, crystal translucency and weight.

Generally speaking, the brighter the color of a strawberry crystal, the better the quality. The ideal strawberry quartz is pink or red in color, and the color is even and without any mixed colors. This kind of crystal will be loved by customers at first sight.

The whole strawberry crystal’s inner substance is clearly visible, and no obvious cracks and pits are found when you check the surface of the strawberry quartz. When you put the strawberry crystal under the sunlight, this beautiful crystal will radiate a charming effect. This crystal is very sought after. For almost all crystals, the greater the weight, the better the quality. Strawberry quartz are no exception. Larger strawberry crystals require more development, are rarer, and are usually worth more.


Different Types of Strawberry Quartz

Common strawberry quartz: This quartz is the most common strawberry quartz which has a pink apperance. This pink crystal is beneficial to interpersonal harmony.

Red strawberry quartz: Red strawberry quartz is darker than ordinary strawberry quartz, its surface appears deep red, representing vitality, movement and energy. This kind of crystal has a high value and is very popular in the crystal market.

Green Strawberry Quartz: Green Strawberry quartz is a love quartz. It reminds you to love yourself and value yourself. It has a warm and nourishing effect on the body and mind to help you find your soul mate.

Blue Strawberry Quartz: Like many other blue crystals, Blue Strawberry Quartz can bring yourself inner peace and encourage you to move forward without burdens. At the same time, it can improve a person’s creativity and give the wearer a steady stream of inspiration.

How to use Strawberry quartz?

Even though strawberry quartz is a relatively new crystal, it is not expensive, which determines how widely it can be used.

  • As jewelry: The most common use of strawberry quartz is in jewelry making.The strawberry quartz is usually made for making jewelry. It is processed and polished into beautiful round beads. And jewelry maker string them to form into bracelets. More, strawberry quartz can also be used as a setting gemstones on top of silver or gold rings.Although the ring is not expensive, the pink color shines through your fingers.
  • As collection: Many crystal collctors love to collect these pink gemstone. So you can always find natural strawberry quartz specimens, strawberry quartz tumblers and strawberry quartz beads in a collector’s cabinet.
  • Healing: Since strawberry quartz is a high vibrational frequency crystal,and more and more crystal healer take it as an important healing stone. It can help repair past damage and unblock emotional blocks.
  • Enchance yourself: For those in creative endeavors, strawberry Quartz can be used to stimulate the imagination, intuition, and sexual spirit of the wearer. It is said to connect with your highest true self for a constant stream of inspiration.

FAQ About Strawberry Quartz?

Can I put my strawberry quartz into water?

yes, the strawberry quartz is safe in water, and it can used to cleanse with running water. However, since the strawberry quartz contains chemicals and minerals, putting this crystal in the water may affect its color and properties.

Who Should Wear Strawberry Quartz?

For people living at a fast pace, strawberry quartz is a good soothing and calming stone, it can let you calmly face the pressure of life, and relieve tension. Strawberry quartz can help the wearer convey gratitude and amplify the energy of love.  So for those looking for a soul mate, strawberry quartz is very useful.

Is Strawberry Quartz Safe in the Sun?

Yes, the strawberry quartz is safe under the sun, but if you expose it too much, the color may fade.

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