Mushroom Crystals: Everything You Need to Know

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From ancient times to the present, the mysterious power of healing crystals has been celebrated in almost every culture. One type of healing crystal that is gaining in popularity is the crystal mushroom. In ancient times, crystal mushrooms have been used for medicinal purposes, as well as for worshiping and even spiritual enlightenment. In modern times, wholesale crystals are used in a variety of ways, including as a source of meditation, a decorative item, and even as a source of beauty and natural healing. It’s a privilege for the royals to get the benefits of crystal with mushroom shape.

But today, with the development of technology, everyone can access the mighty power of this healing stone. Who can resist the undeniable beauty of this mushroom? For most crystal enthusiasts, crystal mushroom is much more than eye-candy and this type of mushroom has a variety of uses and benefits, making it a valuable addition to any garden or home.

The Spiritual Meaning of Mushrooms

Mushroom is the little creature of the vast world. They look look earthy, but delicious to eat. This little creature is found everywhere. Whether you are going hiking and camping or picking in your backyard, you will always come across them. In fact, just as it does in real life, mushrooms play an important role in the spiritual world as well. If you see a mushroom, it’s an event that has a lot of spiritual significance. Mushrooms have been around as food for humans for tens of millions of years, from ancient times to the present. They have played an essential role in cultural traditions around the world. You can always find mushrooms in folklore, fairy tale books, and myths and legends.

Mushrooms can be a symbol of longevity and fortune. In the traditional cultural like Aztec culture, the sacred mushroom is believed as God’s flesh. On some environment, mushroom sprout from the ground and rapidly grow. It represent the prosperous of life and good relationship with the environment.

mushroom meaning

When Mushroom Combine with Crystal

Thanks to the rich meaning of mushroom, the crystal craftsmen combine the mushroom with crystals to create various mushroom crystal. The mushroom crystals are hand cut and polished from all kinds of natural stones. These natural crystal stones alone have powerful healing properties, not to mention the combination of both of them. Read more to explore the meaning of mushroom crystals and their healing properties.

The Meanings and Properties of Crystal Mushroom 

The crystal kingdom is broad and consists of numerous species.

There are raw stones, gemstones, clusters and geodes, points, and wands. Each healing stone has properties that can stimulate emotional and spiritual well-being. At the same time, the shape of a crystal can also influence its power and manifestations. People always think highly of the spiritual power of the world, but since it’s not visible, people tend to look for a visible representation. The mushroom shape itself is a good luck symbol, and it will bring forth clarity, so it is always regarded as the symbol of spiritual powers that can bring luck and endless power.
Crystal mushrooms have been widely used for their healing properties for centuries. Their metaphysical properties are vast, ranging from physical healing to emotional healing. Since crystal mushrooms are considered to be a powerful symbol of fertility, luck, and abundance, they have become an increasingly popular crystal healing tool. Thanks to their strong energy and vibration, the mushroom crystals can promote emotional and mental well-being, enhance intuition, and bring luck and abundance into your life, so they are widely used for health, wealth, and love.
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Crystal Mushroom for Health

Healing rock is a kind of therapy that uses gemstone to balance your body and relieve worry. So your body will not be affected by the bad emotions. The special energy pattern of mushroom crystals will bring harmony to the unstable energy field of the human body. And you can keep the mini mushroom crystals in your pocket to carry them every day.

Crystal Mushroom for Wealth

Although healing crystals can not bring you a fortune and make you rich, it is possible to help you shape your goals and work for them.

The tiger eye crystal mushroom can enhance your focus on the work that is needed to achieve wealth in your life.

Crystal Mushroom for Love

Whether you look for a soul mate or get more self-compassion, love is always a necessity in your world. That can explain that loving stories are always eternal and heart-broken. If you are tired of looking for love, you can turn to heal crystal mushroom for help. Crystals work for love as long as you own them. For these mini mushroom crystals, you can keep them in your pocket or place them in your bedroom. The magic power will manifest through strengthening your connection to the stones.

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Different Materials of Mini Crystal Mushroom

Want to start your crystal mushroom lore? Let’s have a look at the material details below.

Mini Mushroom Crystal Bulk Gemstones

Amethyst Mushroom Crystal

A purple popular gemstone that represents peace, cleansing, and calming energy. Amethyst mushroom crystal is a powerful crystal for both physical and emotional healing. It is known to bring balance and harmony to the mind, body, and spirit. Amethyst crystal mushrooms are associated with spiritual growth, protection, and psychic awareness.

It’s said to:

  • against negative energies
  • brings clarity and peacefulness
  • help balance your energetic system
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Agate Mini Crystal Mushroom

 It is a popular gemstone that can be found all over the world but is most commonly mined in Brazil. Agate mushroom crystal is known for its intricate and unique patterns, which come in an array of colors and shapes. So agate mushroom crystal is a popular crystal type for jewelry and decorative carvings.

It’s said to:

  • Bring you fortune
  • improves yourpersonal connection
  • generate more positive dreams
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Agate Mini Crystal Mushroom stone
Mushroom Tiger Eye Stone

Tiger Eyes Mushroom Crystals

Tiger eyes crystal is a powerful stone that has much of healing properties to bring luck and prosperity. Since Eyes represent omnipotence, tiger eyes are believed to give people strength and protection.Tiger’s eye crystal mushrooms are believed to bring physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. They are also associated with courage and strength.

It is said to:

  • Give you strength
  • help you overcome fear
  • Balance negative emotion
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Green Aventurine Stone

Green aventurine is a silicon dioxide mineral that comes from the quartz family. Green aventurine meaning strength, confidence, courage, and happiness. This stone pushes one to get out of the comfortable zone and take on new opportunities.

It is said to be:

  • positive attitude toward life
  • Take on adventure.
  • keep the emotional body calm
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green aventurine
Mushroom Crystal Black Obsidian

Obsidian Mushroom Crystals

Obsidian crystal mushrooms: Obsidian is a naturally formed volcanic glass that is cooled rapidly. It is black in color and has a glassy texture and a vitreous luster.  Obsidian crystal is a powerful crystal that is known to remove negative energies and bring balance and protection. Obsidian crystal mushrooms are associated with protection, strength, and courage. They are also believed to help with stress relief and emotional healing. Obsidian meaning protection, grounding, and spiritual communication.

It is said to be:

  • cleanses all negativity
  • brings creative energies
  • assist in psychic protection
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Tips for Selecting Your Mushroom Crystals

The simple and easiest way of selecting your mushroom crystal is to go the intuitive route. You can go directly to your local crystal shop and have a close connection to the crystals. Hold your hands on them and take a deep breath to feel the drawing power of mushroom crystal.

Take research on the material of the crystals. Before purchasing healing crystals online or in the shop, get the knowledge of each crystal material and its properties. And choose a stone based on what you really need and what you want to call into your life. 

Another popular way of choosing your own healing mushroom crystals is to look for crystals to get what you want to heal. It’s good to find your crystals for the body part or chakra for extra love.

Where to Buy the Crystal Mushroom?

The crystal mushrom products are mini and cute. And the beginners often buy it to start their healing crystal process. With so many mushroom crystals on the market, crystal passionate may feel confused to choosing the ideal products. offers a wide range of mushroom crystals at a low price. From amethyst to red jasper, it has different crystal materials available.

The mushroom crystals have different occasions for different functions.

Mushroom Crystal for healing


Yogas usually use the mushroom crystals to boost balance and harmony through the crystal’s high vibration. It can calm your anxious mood, relax, allow you to meditate in peace, and help exercise your mind. So You can place it on the top of your yoga mat to feel the strong vibration of the crystals. Besides, you can also place mushroom crystals on your heart to get the powerful healing functions.

crystal mushroom meaning


The mushroom crystal decors are in clear and beautiful appearance. Placing it in your room can give you a feeling of being in nature, making you relax and away from bad emotions.

Nacrystal mini mushroom crystals are made of quality materials, and it’s smooth and comfortable to touch. You can put it in your pocket and get the vibration at any time.

How To Activate Your Mushroom Healing Crystals?

Mushroom crystals are connected to the energy of the earth, so you need to activate them to get the benefit.

If you plan to go outside, remember to take your mushroom stone with you so they can soak up natural energy for a better effect.

You can also send it some vital life by singing to it or speaking to it. Your breath can give more energy and interaction so that it can last long.

What’s more, it’s also a good idea to surround the mushroom shaped crystals with more energetic counterparts to create an activation grid. The popular choices are clear quartz, apophy, lliteapophy, selenite, and carnelian. 

mini mushriim crystak

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