Aura Quartz Meaning,Healing Properties and Use

aura quartz crystals meaning

I believe almost all crystal collectors have come accords aura quartz. As one of the most popular and recognizable crystals around, aura quartz has many benefits. Not only can it be used in crystal healing, but it can also be a beautiful addition to many decorating styles. Learn more about the healing properties and uses of aura quartz.

What is Aura Quartz?

Aura quartz crystal is a vaporized platinum-treated quartz crystal through which the quartz is given a beautiful, gentle luster that is as colorful as a rainbow.

Although aura quartz has been treated, its main composition is the mineral composed of oxygen and silicon atoms. Aura Quartz combines the powerful vibration energy of quartz crystal with precious metals, so it has more powerful energy as well as a more beautiful appearance. That’s why aura quartz is so popular among crystal collectors.

What Does Aura Quartz Mean?

Aura quartz is known for its high vibrations. It can cleanse the body’s negative energy, strengthen the organs, put the body in subtle changes, and stimulate people’s potential. Therefore, the holder will keep a clear mind, realize the needs of their own life, and start to take action to turn this idea into reality. So the bearer’s consciousness is always aligned with his own highest form.

All kinds of stuff in life distract us and make us anxious. So we need more time to concentrate on doing one thing. Aura Quartz can help us by keeping our minds clear and eliminating external distractions.

Aura quartz can also amplify the body’s energy, whether positive or negative, happiness or sadness. So crystal healers will heal with respect, intention, and positive belief, so these positive energies will flow into the sufferers’ bodies.

Different Types of Aura Quartz

different types of aura quartz


Aura quartz also has different types, each with different appearance and properties. Read on to learn more about aura quartz.

Angel aura quartz: Angle aura quartz is also named rainbow aura quart, which is representative of ethereal crystal. It has a magical reflective appearance and pure crystal texture. Angel Aura Quartz envelops the colors of the rainbow to help you maintain a positive mood—a reminder of your inherent goodness and purity.

Aqua aura quartz: Aqua aura quartz combines clear quartz with gold, so it has extremely high vibrations. Its golden protective cover dispels harmful energies and protects you from psychic attacks. Aqua aura quartz activates the body’s chakras to keep your body in balance.It also creates a relaxing atmosphere and releases stress from the body.This blue stone is as vast as the sky which can bring you infinite love. It is as bright as the sunlight that can light up your whole world.Thanks to this beautiful crystal, you can improve yourself and discover your unlimited potential.

Titanium aura quartz: Titanium aura quartz is a quartz crystal with a beautiful metallic color effect, which comes from a combination of quartz and titanium.

People believed the iridescent colors of this crystal had amazing power so it has been used in all aspects of healing.

Additionally, titanium aura quartz crystals can help the wearer stay focused, thus, it’s an excellent choice for your meditation practices.

The titanium aura quartz comes in a variety of colors, including pink, purple, blue, and even gold.

Aura rose quartz: Aura rose quartz combines the properties of rose quartz with platinum in a rainbow of colors. This charming color is believed to have powerful and loving energies.

Aura rose quartz stimulates the heart chakra and allows the wearer’s body to absorb the energy of love.

This energy vibrates with the love of rose quartz, soothing the soul and giving you an air of elegance.

Therefore, aura rose quartz brings the energy of love to you and spreads it to the universe.

Sunset aura quartz: Sunset Aura Crystals result from fusing precious metals into the crystal face.

It is a presentation of enhanced crystals. The sunset aura crystal has a warm sunset color finish and is one of the gorgeous crystals.

Sunset aura quartz not only has the properties of crystal but also has the unique characteristics of the metal. It works on the heart and sacral chakras, so you can love and be loved.


Aura Quartz Healing Properties

Aura Quartz is a magical crystal that, like its name, has many healing properties to talk about. When crystals are combined with rare metals, aura quartz emits a charming light all over. This light has many healing properties that can work on the body, spirit, and mind.

Aura Quartz can remind us to be curious and explore by raising our vibration and can support our decisions by releasing love.

Physical Healing Properties of Aura Quartz

Quartz is considered the “Master Healer” and is extremely powerful in absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating energy. This stone has a strong immune effect, and honestly, the powerful energy of Aura Quartz can improve the body’s organ function, enhance the body’s immunity, and thus rejuvenate the body. Plus, Aura quartz balances your chakras, and body systems, keeping your body in balance. In this way, you can work, study and live energetically. Many people also claim that wearing aura quartz improves their general well-being.

Mental Healing Properties of Aura Quartz

Do all kinds of stress in your life fill you with negative beliefs, and are these beliefs preventing you from realizing your desires? From a mental perspective, aura quartz helps you achieve clarity of purpose by eliminating negative thoughts and anxiety. This stone is like a cleaner for the soul, allowing you to reach new heights in cognitive space.

Spiritual Healing Properties of Aura Quartz

Looking at this colorful and shining stone, I believe many people feel happy. Aura quartz is the perfect stone to choose when emotionally unstable or distressed. It can also improve your well-being and release inner stress. Meanwhile, Aura quartz guides you through negative thoughts and encourages your state of mind to a place of joy and tranquility.

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How to Use Aura Quartz

To make full use of your aura quart, make sure that it is placed within reach. Trust me, this is the best way to use the healing properties of aura quartz. Thanks to the colorful appearance of aura quartz, it is widely used for jewelry and decoration. The aura quartz jewelry, like the necklaces, is the perfect choice because it is close to your head or heart. The fantastic power of aura quartz will act on you and clear away all blocks on your body.

Another good way to use your aura quartz stone is to place it around your environment, like your bedroom or workplace. So you can always feel the power of quartz and connect with it.

Cleanse and Care of Aura Quartz

Regularly cleansing and care your aura quartz can take away the negative energy that the crystal attracts and restore its luster. Just place your aura quartz crystal in bright moonlight and leave it overnight and the excellent cleansing power of moonlight will recharge your aura quartz.

Also, wipe it with clean cloth can carry away excess negative energy that crystals have accumulated. By regularly cleansing your healing stones, you can ensure that they will continue to serve you in the way that is right for them.

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FAQ about Aura Quartz

Can Aura Quartz Go in Water ?

No, it can not. I believe most of you are confused about this question because aura quartz belongs to the quartz family. It’s tough and can be placed as most quartz. But the fact is, aura quartz can go into the water because quartz is an artificial crystal that is treated with chemicals or mental. These metals are not safe for water. So please don’t place your aura quartz into water.

Is Angle Aura Quartz Fake?

Yes, the angle aura quartz is a manufactured crystal that is coated with metal to give it a beautiful color. Although angle aura quartz is not natural, it is a crystal with many healing properties. These aura quartz are pretty popular now.

What Chakra is Angel Aura Quartz?

It is said that the angle aura quartz is associated with the Crown Chakra located on the top head. Since the crown chakra is related to spiritual awareness, higher consciousness, and enlightenment, this crystal is believed to help open and balance the Crown chakra, promoting a deeper spiritual connection. So angle aura quartz can also activate and balance other chakras in the body.

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